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What started it all...

One day I saw an ad on Facebook about a free product sample. One thing led to another, and I started signing up to test products, receive samples, and contact companies and small businesses about samples/coupons. There are SOOO many products out there that people may never try for one reason or another. If you are used to your go to shampoo and conditioner, for example, how often do you buy something new off the shelf to give it a try? Some things I think more outside of the box on, like maybe trying new foods. But if I find a product I really like, I may not test the waters for something else. 

As this blog profile shows, doing this allows me, and you, the opportunity to contemplate some other brands or products you may not have given a chance otherwise. A lot of companies out there are looking for ways to market their product to the general population. I think social media and word of mouth are 2 great ways to do that.

I am between jobs right now, which affords me the time to spend on this. My last job was working for a company directly involved with safe and sustainable drinking water. During my 7 years with that company, I learned a lot, and became more passionate about sustainable living.

I live in the Bay Area, California. Living here allows me to fulfill my passion of being in the beautiful outdoors, whether the ocean or the mountains. I also love travel, photography, art, animals, family, friends, and trying new things.

Have a Sample to Share?

If you are interested in sending me a sample, send me a message. In exchange, I'll post an honest review on this page, as well as my social media. If you just want to send a message to ask me a question about one of the products I tried, or just want to say Hi, you can do that too :-)

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